Thrifty Chic DIY: easy furniture makeover

In preparation for my move to Albany and my transition into the (God, I hope temporary) impoverished graduate student life, I wanted to save as much as possible on furnishing my new apartment. I ended up asking my parents if I could take some of their old furniture that they weren’t using anymore and decided to spray paint them to give them some new life.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of photos to work with, as this was not a DIY that I was planning on posting (since, up until now, I didn’t have a DIY section on my blog!) In any case, I’ll explain my best and walk you through the process.

First, a “before” look at the old coffee table I took off my parents’ hands:

coffee table before

(I also did an old, gross-looking side table, but didn’t take a “before” photo!)

Please keep in mind that spray painting is something that needs to be done in an open, well-ventilated area, preferably outside. Additionally, the paint dries much better when in moderate temperature (60s-70s F).

Cover your work area thoroughly with a tarp or old sheets, and wear some glasses or goggles to protect your eyes.

Using a can of teal spray paint (I used Rust-Oleum for the coffee table, and Krylon chalky finish for the side table. I prefer Krylon as it’s not as sticky!), I turned the table upside down and started with the legs. Be sure to keep the bottle about a foot from the item that you’re painting, so all of the paint doesn’t concentrate into one area.

When I finished the legs, I gave it about 20 minutes or so to dry up a bit, at which point I flipped the table back (on its legs) and painted the top and the sides.

Give about an hour for the paint to dry completely before moving it indoors.



And here’s how it looks in my living room! 😀




I used different brands for each project, but I’d say it takes an entire can of spray paint to cover a standard size coffee table.

If you’d like to see more quick, easy and thrifty DIY projects, share/like/comment on this post and let me know!


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