Thrifty Chic DIY: Framed Artwork Under $10

These past few weeks I’ve been putting the finishing touches on my new place, much of which has consisted of getting creative with odds and ends I picked up at Dollar Tree. I’m going to detail two different projects, both of which will include secondary projects that recycle some of the leftover materials.

Project #1: Framed art using stickers/wall decals:


From Dollar Tree, I picked up a sheet of wall decals featuring mandalas (three on each side), six picture frames (for six mandala decals), and some teal gift wrap paper.

You’ll notice in the picture that the frames came with white paper frames inside, which I ended up removing for this project. I did, however, save them for another one.

From there, I cut the gift wrap to fit the frames, centered the decals as much as I could, and bam. Done. Repeat 5 more times.

I decided to save the white paper frames for my acrylic painting pads (also from Dollar Tree), since they were the perfect size (5×7).

So now I have frames for my smaller painting projects! (I know, I don’t have anything painted in there yet!)

Project #2: Up-cycling art prints:

I love some of the art you can find at Dollar Tree – I’m just not crazy about the frames, as they’re kind of cheap-looking.

I bought the above art and a larger frame for it, and also found some washi tape (again, all at the Glorious Dollar Tree.) I already had some scrapbook paper at home that I wanted to use for the background (another option is to just turn around the paper that comes with the frame and use the white background.)

After removing and tossing out the old frame, I saved the glass that came with it for another project.

From there, I cut the scrapbook paper to the right size, stuck it to the back side of the sheet that came with the frame, and then I put the print in the middle of the scrapbook page.

Because the scrapbook paper wasn’t long enough for the new frame, I added the washi tape to the borders.

Finally, I  decided to paint the frame brown (which I already had – $0.89 cents at Michael’s) because I thought it would go better with the color scheme (Ah! It doesn’t really show in the photo!)


With the leftover glass from the old frame, I did a little paint project and decorated it using a stand that I also found at Dollar Tree.

With the one below, I actually traced the design from a mandala-themed coloring book using a permanent marker. From there, I painted in the colors (although in retrospect, I’m thinking it would have just been easier to color it in with markers).


I love that I was able to do these on the cheap, and that I was able to put even my scrap items to use for additional projects.

Let me know what you think and if you’d like to see more DIY projects like these in the future! 🙂



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